How to Track EPF Status Online

EPF Claim status

Know Your EPF Status

EPF account holder can easily track their PF balance status online through its registered site. EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund. Many Govt. employees and company employees possess this PF account. This is a combined venture of employee, employer and Govt.

Central Government of India gives the annual interest on the PF amount. The employee provident fund is organized and managed by Employee provident fund organization. It is a great venture developed by Central govt. of India to motivate the employees for saving. EPF holders are eligible to get interest on the saved amount. But sometimes it becomes difficult for the employees to watch the interest and amount cut down from the salary.

Now online EPFO site is become helpful guide for all the PF holder employees. Now they can easily track their PF claim status online without visiting regional EPFO office. If you are a member of EPFO and you want to trace your PF amount status, you can trace it here right now from the under mentioned procedure. Please have a look here under.


How to Check the EPF Balance Online

  • First of all visit the EPFO registered website.
  • See the Know your PF balance link appear on the page, click on this.
  • Now next page will open where you need to select region and state from the drop down menu.
  • Now type your EPF account No in the required box.
  • Fill your name and mobile no in the given boxes.
  • Now click on submit button.
  • Within a couple of minutes you will receive your EPF balance message in your mobile inbox.

This is very fast and super easy guidelines to check your EPF balance online at UAN member login portal.

How to Check EPF Balance by SMS

If you have activated UAN no then you are able to check your PF balance through one SMS only. Send EPFOHO UAN <ENG> to 773 8299 899. Just send this SMS to registered EPFO no mentioned here. In return you will send PF balance message from EPFO registered office. If you want to receive message in different language you can change the ENG word to GUJ, Tamil and receive the message in state language.

Download Root Explorer Apk for Android


Root Explorer Apk Download for Android

Root Explorer is an ultimate file manager for the root user. This app has great feature inbuilt inside it. Root explorers are working on both rooted and non rooted Android devices. In non rooted device you can access file, music, documents, photo etc… If you have rooted Android phone then user feels this app best file manager and with these try something new game Mini Militia Doodle Army 2.

In rooted device user can edit, delete or access file related to a system which does not allow by any other file manager. Root explorer works perfectly and smoothly even on low-end device with several tabs opens. Let see in detail how you access file and folder into your smart phone so it will easy to handle all file which is saved in your android device.

Root Explorer

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Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod APK

Features: Root Explorer

  1. Manage File: you can open and manage the file which you otherwise couldn’t have done with a default android file manager.
  2. Excess to Hidden Content: you can view data which are hidden in android for security purpose such as data of game and app you downloaded.
  3. Multiple Tabs: you can open multiple tabs in root explorer as you do in your browser.
  4. It supports Google drive, drop box and other online storage.
  5. It has database for database viewer, multiple select for file, remount file, send file via Bluetooth, email etc and many more exciting features.
  6. Embedded text editor.
  7. Like most of the file manager, this file manager allows you to move, copy, paste file from one location to another location.

Installation steps for Root Explorer

This application is available on Play Store and if you need to download the APK then follow the below steps:

  1. You should press the setting icon on your Android device and then search for security setting.
  2. On pressing security setting there is so many options are open.
  3. Then press on Unknown Source option. Now enable it and you are now able to download and install Root Explorer Apk without getting any kind of error.
  4. Now you could to download APK file.
  5. Being a lite application, the downloading process would be finished in just a few minutes.
  6. After downloading of the Root Explorer Apk press on Root Explorer.apk file from your phone.
  7. Then the install button should be press. The installation process takes few second for completing the installation process.


Root Explorer is the process to download and install the unlimited file manager root explorer in your devices. If you are a root user then downloading Root Explorer is recommended to you where you can easily remove files or remount file and folders on your home screen for quick accessibility. Let install and take benefit of application.

Download Dumb Ways to Die APK


Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod APK

Dumb Ways to Die is a game, in which you will be playing with Death, but rather to try to save you not smart friend from destruction. In it, you will help the main characters not finish their lives. They will do various strange things, but if they do not have time to finish it, they will die. Help them to complete these deeds. Choose your level and earn points. Dive to know some features.

Dumb Way to Die

Features: Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod APK

  1. Dumb Ways to Die will allows you to add Unlimited resources and removes ads.
  2. Many bug solution.
  3. Fixes for various devices.
  4. Mod everything needs in the game.

Additional Steps to play the game:

  • Quickly wipe your screen free of puke.
  • Balance that wobbling glue eater.
  • Carefully remove forks from the toaster.
  • Space is no fun without a helmet. Put it on now!
  • Remember the sequence of the firework show.
  • Find the psycho before he finds you!
  • No crossing the tracks, not even for balloons.
  • Help self-taught pilots.
  • Remember to stop at the level crossing.
  • Stop the dryer it is terrible hiding place!

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Additional Tips to play the game:

  • Perfect your dump-death prevention skills to unlock the full set of characters for your train station.
  • Earn your own local copy of the original video.
  • Create your own dumb ways character from loads of facial features, accessories and more!

 Step to Install Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod APK

Have you ever wanted to pass Dumb Ways to Die with ease? With this app, it is all possible. You can become the best in the game with Dumb Ways to Die.

  • Download Dumb Ways to Die.
  • Tap to begin to install the downloaded APK file on your phone.
  • Proceeds with the installation and finish it.
  • All Done and you can download PPSSPP Apk for game on Android.


Dumb Ways to Die is an interesting game in which you play with death. In this achieve the high score and unlock the famous music and video. So why are you wait for Download the game now and enjoy the new fun and remember, be safe around trains.


How to Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP)


Do you want to transfer your EPF money? Know everything about online transfer claim portal. Employees provident fund organization is offering a scheme for online transfer of the EPF claims online. You can also check the status of the provident fund claims using this website. You can transfer claim through OTCP and UAN member portal. We will show you how to use the online transfer claim portal for transferring your PF claims.

We have explained here an online procedure of transferring EPF money online. First of all, employee should have the EPF member ID. The member ID should be there in the EPFO records. So first, keep your member identification number ready.


How to Submit EPF online Transfer Claim

Here is a method to submit PF online transfer claim through OTCP portal. Follow the given process with instructions.

  1. Visit the official website of
  2. Check the sections under the “Employees”.
  3. Click the button for online transfer claim portal.
  4. Now click the option of “Check Eligibility Filing Online Transfer Claim.”
  5. Enter your provident fund account details of your previous employer.
  6. Also type the details of your current employer where you want to transfer account.
  7. Now click the option of “Check Eligibility”.

You can correct if there is any wrong information in your EPF database. Once you fill up and submit the online form, print out the form. Submit it to your EPFO office through your new or existing employer. You can also submit it if you have attested it by your old employer.

After online submission at the online transfer claim portal, submit a claim form with your employer within 15 days. If there is any discrepancy, your employer can reject it within 15 days. You can also check the status online.

The website offers many other online benefits to the EPF members. Employee provident fund organization has launched the scheme of check tneb bill status to help employees transfer their dormant PF money. All the registered members can now claim their money from their old PF accounts. It will be merged with the current company’s EPF account. You can also check your EPF balance status on the employee’s member portal of the PF. Employees can take help of old or new employer to transfer his account online.


How To Use Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking

Mobile Banking

This is the guest post for the information on how to use mobile banking by Here you can get tips that how to use Mobile banking.

With the advent of fast paced technology and internet, banking services have taken a new dimension altogether. With this, has come the new rage for mobile banking, a non-cumbersome process by which customers can facilitate the services availed by the bank with great ease and comfort.

There are two processes by which one can register for mobile banking services. The first process involves the use of a hand set. The second process involves registration at the home branch of the bank itself, or at an ATM of the respective bank.

Mobile banking


Steps For Mobile Banking

In this process, there are two steps that a user is requires to perform in order to avail access to the banking services. The first one is to obtain the user ID and default MPIN and the second step is to change the MPIN (Mobile PIN).

Once the user sends a message to the particular bank whose services they would like to avail, he/she will get a user ID and a default MPIN over SMS.  Another SMS will give the user the link to download the application on the mobile phone. If the user is in possession of an android or an I-phone, the application can be directly downloaded from the application store. A mobile handset with GPRS facility will come in handy during such a process.

Tips for mobile banking

Once the application has been downloaded, the user will be requires to enter the User ID received in the SMS. After accepting the terms and conditions of the service before changing the MPIN, the default MPIN will have to be entered by the user, after which the new MPIN which consists of 6 characters will have to be entered.  Once this is done, the user can carry on any transaction he/she wished to perform.

The process however, is slightly different if the user to was to visit the bank branch itself. The process begins by filling out a registration form with all bank details. With the completion of this process, the user’s account will be activated for mobile banking service immediately.

At the ATM, if the user desires to activate the Mobile Banking option, he has to choose the Mobile Registration option after swiping his debit card. Once this is done, he has to enter his mobile number and choose “yes” to confirm the transaction slip, confirming the registration.  The user will then receive a message regarding the activation of his/her account. He/she can then use all the services offered under the Mobile Banking Service.

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Best ways to sell your used car in Mumbai

Used car in mumbai

Used Car in Mumbai

There can be some reasons for which you wish to sell off your car. It can be because you wish to take a new one in replacement of your used car, or it also can be because you may need some financial help. Either of the cases, the main motto, has to be to sell the used car at good price. To do so, there are some minimal things that you need to do to get the best deal.

If you are in a place like Mumbai, the chances of getting your used car sold are high. The only thing is that you need to quote a proper price for the car so that you do not go for a loss. Trying these amazing tips can help you in having a great deal against selling off your car.

Rush To The Mechanic

The first and foremost thing that you need to do at this time is to visit the mechanic at the earliest. Tell him that you are going to sell off your vehicle, and you wish to know about the problems that the car has. There can be some times when you will not be aware even of certain problems. You need to get thus the vehicles checked so that you do not have to face problem later on when you have started getting customers for the vehicle. Later on, if the customer checks and finds out the problem, then he or she will negotiate and will bring down the prices to a great extent.

Do not take this risk and know the flaws on your own so that you can understand the actual price that you can get for the used car you are selling.

Post An Ad Online

The most common way to put your used car for sale in Mumbai is by posting an ad online. The procedure for doing so is very easy.

  • You have to visit the mechanic and know the flaws of the vehicle and try to correct the main problems,
  • Take pictures of the car from various angles,
  • Post these pictures with a detailed description of the car such as the number of used years, features, and any specialty,
  • Do a research on the cost part and quote a price with the post.

Seeing the ad, many customers may contact you and may negotiate with you. Wait for a few more customers and sell the car to the one from when you get the best profit.


Get Your Car Certified

Many people these days get their car certified to get the best price. You can contact a dealer of used car or a mechanic who deals in used car for this purpose. The person will perform a detailed check of your vehicle and will correct the various flaws in the vehicle and will provide it a new look. When a customer contacts the dealer for the car, the car will be known as certified used cars in Mumbai. The dealer will also offer an extended warranty for the car to the customer. This of course increases the chances of your car getting sold.

Buying a car can be still easy when you have some places to go for. The most difficult thing can be of selling off your used car. But when you know the proper ways and procedures, the selling part can be covered up easily too. The above-mentioned ways are quite helpful for a person who wishes to sell off the used car in a city like Mumbai to get the best deal.

Grinder for PC Downloads Online


Grinder gives you an official way to find the perfect man suits to your style. You can find the perfect guy to communicate and make conversation. Grinder app is available to use in Smartphone, blackberry and iOS users. It is a favorite app for the guys to search the perfect guy to hangout. Now PC users can enjoy using this app through Grinder for PC downloads tutorial. If you may download Pc games then install snes emulaters for PC. We will first give you one brief overview about features and tutorial for Grinder for PC after this.


Grinder for PC

· Freely available to download for Smartphone users

· Helps you in finding the matching partner for dating

· You can add the interesting persons in favorite list and block the unwanted guys.

· Push notification alerts to show instant messages.

· You can chat and also share photos with this app.

· You are free to search around 300 of guys at one time.

· User friendly interface runs smoothly in all operating systems.

How to Install Grinder for PC

It is not much difficult to download this app in PC. Seamlessly and without resuming any burden of cost, you are free to download this app in PC. Bluestacks is the best alternate to find and install this app in PC. Desktop users are able to unlock this app in just few clicks guide. Please see to the step by step guidelines from here.

Grinder for PC Downloads

· Download Bluestacks App Player in the PC.

· Once you finish downloads and go to “AppVn” tab and click on it.

· Search Grinder and install this app in bluestacks app player.

· Your app is installed, run to the home screen of Bluestacks app player.

· Click on the Grinder app and be ready to experience the amazing benefits of this app.

From sitting one chair, you are able to find the interesting guys all around the world. it is the best editor. Millions of the users use this app to find the perfect man of their interest. Grinder for PC is a best source to use and find the similar matching personalities across the world.


Psiphon for PC Installation Guide Online


Psiphon is an important app boosts an internet browsing experience. It is a VPN service provides helps you in accessing the blocked sites of the Government. Psiphon removes the restriction of unlimited browsing. It has a wonderful facility to expand your internet experience limitless. You can install this app in android Smartphone absolutely free. But it is restricted to download in PC. But still you can bring the unlimited browsing service to your PC using Psiphon for PC downloading guide. This can be a best experience for you to unblock the blocked sites using our important guidelines procedure. For download free videos and movies install vidmate for PC. But before moving to that let us show you the important features of Psiphon app.


Psiphon features

· It can open the websites which are blocked are restricted for any reason.

· It can help in accessing unlimited browsing.

· It can download and open any type of content which is prohibited.

· VPN service provider is accessed to open the blocked sites.

· User friendly interface runs smoothly in any OS.

· Access the better internet facility with connecting proxy server.

· Free to use in any android phone or iOS phones.

Psiphon for PC Guideline

Psiphon for PC Guidelines

If you don’t know about android emulators, let us draw your attention towards this. Android emulator is software that converts all the android apps in PC. Bluestacks is the most popular software that can merge android apps in PC. Now let us show you how bluestacks works in downloading Psiphon in personal computer. Visit for all paid apps in free from google play store.

· First of all install bluestacks from internet.

· Once you download bluestacks open it in your PC.

· Look for search box and type Psiphon inside this column.

· Now give a mouse hit on install tab.

· Your app is installing now, let the downloading procedure finish completely.

Go back to bluestacks app player once the downloading finished. Now click on the installed app and start using Psiphon in PC now. It is the most affordable and time saving idea to download this wonderful app in your personal computer.


Will Aadhar Card Linked Smart Phones Be a Reality


Did you ever thought of aadhar enable phones? Smartphones are now used for our most routine tasks like bill payments, ticket booking, and net banking. But there are still thousands of things which can’t be done on the smart phones. The Unique Identity Authentication of India administers issue of aadhar cards countrywide. UIDAI has recently announced the proposal of linking aadhar card with smart phones. If the proposal becomes a reality, the phones will be instrumental for instant identity through status of aadhar card. Your phone will receive several government services working on the platform of aadhar.


The announcement came as a result of a meeting between a team of executives of different smarphone producers and the CEO of UIDAI. The producers of apple, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers participated the meeting. The ways to make the smart hones aadhar enabled were discussed in the meeting. The way suggested was to encrypt aadhar-enabled smartphones chips with a UIDAI key. The phones will be connected to the server of aadhar. The UIDAI key will prevent leakage of information. The connections with aadhar server will also allow iris authentication and instant fingerprint on the smartphones. A powerful initiative to give a major boost to aadhar card update online will be a game changing aspect of aadhar. It will change the scenario of a host of government services that will be covered under the program.

However, other giant mobile manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft have remained silent on the proposal to link aadhar with smart phones. The project depends on the response of the top mobile manufacturing companies. If the proposal works in future, the pensioner may get his pension just by showing his phone for aadhar card authentication. This scheme will prove a trend-setting for the digital verification of identity. The time consumed in getting government services will be slashed down drastically.


Thus, if the aadhar card linked smart phones arrive, citizens will be benefitting with fastest government services. The project is reasonable as there are more than 100 crore aadhar subscribers and 40 crore are using smartphones. But we keep our fingers crossed as except Samsung, all other giants like google, apple, and Microsoft have not shown any approval for the project.


How to Change Passport name from Maiden to Married?


The Indian Passport are growing up in huge numbers as a result of while there is an increasingly demand of the passport by the people. However there are a lot of people who look to rectify mistakes or change names of the passport holder. However for this you need to obtain a passport and then undergo a procedure by means of which you can change the name of it. Remember one thing that you are about to receive a complete new Passport and as a matter of fact you may look up to re issue of the passport! There are a lot of things which you must be considered and as a matter of fact you need to think of how to get the passport.

So the first thing that you need to do is to fill up the renewal form by clicking on the given link:

Renew passport

Now you have to carefully refill the form as just like you have done it previously. Remember to place the corrected name now as this will help you to get what you are looking for. However this is just not all. However you need to fill each and every credentials correctly as it will be further investigated for the passport renewal! Also a matter of fact there are a lot of things which you must consider in getting and then get it done!

What are the Documents that you need?

· To complete getting the Apply for passport after the application is over; you now need to carry some of the most required things to go for!

· Read more after this you need to have a copy of the first as well as the lat page of your spouse which will clear the verification procedure

· A Birth certificate

· An Address Proof

As a matter of fact you can clear the verification procedure instantly and then get what you are looking for!