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How To Use Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking

Mobile Banking

This is the guest post for the information on how to use mobile banking by banksifsccodes.com. Here you can get tips that how to use Mobile banking.

With the advent of fast paced technology and internet, banking services have taken a new dimension altogether. With this, has come the new rage for mobile banking, a non-cumbersome process by which customers can facilitate the services availed by the bank with great ease and comfort.

There are two processes by which one can register for mobile banking services. The first process involves the use of a hand set. The second process involves registration at the home branch of the bank itself, or at an ATM of the respective bank.

Mobile banking


Steps For Mobile Banking

In this process, there are two steps that a user is requires to perform in order to avail access to the banking services. The first one is to obtain the user ID and default MPIN and the second step is to change the MPIN (Mobile PIN).

Once the user sends a message to the particular bank whose services they would like to avail, he/she will get a user ID and a default MPIN over SMS.  Another SMS will give the user the link to download the application on the mobile phone. If the user is in possession of an android or an I-phone, the application can be directly downloaded from the application store. A mobile handset with GPRS facility will come in handy during such a process.

Tips for mobile banking

Once the application has been downloaded, the user will be requires to enter the User ID received in the SMS. After accepting the terms and conditions of the service before changing the MPIN, the default MPIN will have to be entered by the user, after which the new MPIN which consists of 6 characters will have to be entered.  Once this is done, the user can carry on any transaction he/she wished to perform.

The process however, is slightly different if the user to was to visit the bank branch itself. The process begins by filling out a registration form with all bank details. With the completion of this process, the user’s account will be activated for mobile banking service immediately.

At the ATM, if the user desires to activate the Mobile Banking option, he has to choose the Mobile Registration option after swiping his debit card. Once this is done, he has to enter his mobile number and choose “yes” to confirm the transaction slip, confirming the registration.  The user will then receive a message regarding the activation of his/her account. He/she can then use all the services offered under the Mobile Banking Service.

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