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Will Aadhar Card Linked Smart Phones Be a Reality


Did you ever thought of aadhar enable phones? Smartphones are now used for our most routine tasks like bill payments, ticket booking, and net banking. But there are still thousands of things which can’t be done on the smart phones. The Unique Identity Authentication of India administers issue of aadhar cards countrywide. UIDAI has recently announced the proposal of linking aadhar card with smart phones. If the proposal becomes a reality, the phones will be instrumental for instant identity through status of aadhar card. Your phone will receive several government services working on the platform of aadhar.


The announcement came as a result of a meeting between a team of executives of different smarphone producers and the CEO of UIDAI. The producers of apple, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers participated the meeting. The ways to make the smart hones aadhar enabled were discussed in the meeting. The way suggested was to encrypt aadhar-enabled smartphones chips with a UIDAI key. The phones will be connected to the server of aadhar. The UIDAI key will prevent leakage of information. The connections with aadhar server will also allow iris authentication and instant fingerprint on the smartphones. A powerful initiative to give a major boost to aadhar card update online will be a game changing aspect of aadhar. It will change the scenario of a host of government services that will be covered under the program.

However, other giant mobile manufacturers like Apple and Microsoft have remained silent on the proposal to link aadhar with smart phones. The project depends on the response of the top mobile manufacturing companies. If the proposal works in future, the pensioner may get his pension just by showing his phone for aadhar card authentication. This scheme will prove a trend-setting for the digital verification of identity. The time consumed in getting government services will be slashed down drastically.


Thus, if the aadhar card linked smart phones arrive, citizens will be benefitting with fastest government services. The project is reasonable as there are more than 100 crore aadhar subscribers and 40 crore are using smartphones. But we keep our fingers crossed as except Samsung, all other giants like google, apple, and Microsoft have not shown any approval for the project.



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